Badass: Tales of Resilience

Badass is a podcast that showcases authentic conversations about our most difficult life experiences. We explore not only the hurt these experiences cause, but also how we are transformed by them. Badass is hosted by Marabai Rose, a licensed clinical social worker, and therapist.

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Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

On this episode of Badass Dr. Myers speaks with Marabai about her new book, The Vice President's Black Wife: The Untold Life of Julia Chinn. We also dive into why the historical context is SO IMPORTANT when we are talking about racism, making policies, and trying to be decent humans. It was an honor to talk with Dr. Myers. I hope you will listen. Remember to like and follow us on the socials, and also subscribe to the podcast. You can find Badass: Tales of Resilience at wherever you get your podcasts. Info and links for The Vice President's Black Wife are on my website.

Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

On this episode of Badass Marabai speaks with Dr. Jennifer Mullan about her new book, Decolonizing Therapy: Oppression, Historical Trauma, and Politicizing Your Practice. Decolonizing Therapy puts forth a powerful argument for confronting the harm done by racism, sexism, and ableism in the world of mental health, and humanizing the mental health field. It provides a road map for the long work of beginning to heal a broken system. We hope you enjoy about the book, as well as the insights Dr. Mullan shares on how to embrace and express rage in a healthy way, and how to explore trauma through a dynamic lens. Please listen, subscribe, and like us on the socials. We are always down to hear what you think, so pop onto our Insta or FB pages @badass_tales_of_resilience and leave a comment.

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

On the episode of Badass we are talking to Kel McBride about how her own brush with death set her on her path, and how for Kel, resilience came in the form of taking what she had learned from a difficult experience, and sharing it with others. We will also be talking about death. Fun topic, right? Well, you might be surprised, Kel is known as the Lively Death Lady.

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

On this episode of Badass we explore what it is to be with others in their pain, while we dance with our own, and the healing that can be born of that alchemy. Heather Maritano, a gifted therapist, educator, and activist, describes her path to thriving in adulthood after a childhood that held some very difficult moments. This is a sweet, intimate interview, with moments of delight and joy, as well as sorrow. I hope you enjoy it. Please like, follow, and share on your socials, and subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Google, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

Black and brown women experience significantly higher rates of violence than do white women, and while all violence against women is important to acknowledge and take action on, many black and brown women have had the experience of being dismissed, having their pain go unrecognized, or being blithely told that they are strong, and can handle it. On this episode of Badass, we are sharing with you an essay that lays bare the pain and the consequences of such violence, and we are exploring how this violence has threaded its way through generations, and how we can better respond. Please share this episode, like, and follow us on FB, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

Today on Badass we are pulling out of the shadows just one of the 2,755 people who died of a drug overdose in Indiana in 2021. We are giving him a name, we are sharing his story, and the story of those who were left behind. His name is Joshua Cole, people who knew him called him Josh, and when he died in February of 2021, he left behind 3 young children, and a wife who was 7 months pregnant, her name is Lindsey Maxwell. We hope you will listen, so that you better understand what so many families are coping with in the wake of the opioid epidemic. 

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

You may have heard the world renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, talk about the intricacies of the brain, but you haven't heard her talk about her brother's schizophrenia. Today on Badass we have an intimate conversation with Dr. Taylor about growing up with a schizophrenic brother, the impact on her family, and the direction it sent her, and her father in. We shine a light on the dysfunction of the mental health system, and the experience of caring for someone in the face of these obstacles. The Taylors are a remarkable family. True Badasses for the way they have advocated and educated on behalf of those with mental illness. Please share, like, subscribe, and comment on our instagram or FB pages, @badass_tales_of_resilience.

Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

On this episode of Badass we are talking with Lindsay Bradley, a nurse practitioner who worked on a midwestern ICU unit when Covid-19 hit. Lindsay allows us to take an intimate look at what it was like to provide care to the sickest of the sick during the first two and a half years of the pandemic. To live in the trenches during the worst moments. To witness death over and over again, helpless to halt it.  The waves kept coming, and Lindsay and her colleagues kept showing up, despite their exhaustion, to save as many lives as they could. This episode honors the courage of healthcare workers, and asks us all to remember what they did in service to others, and how they are still carrying the weight of these experiences.

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

On this episode of Badass we are talking with Mary Sexson about her upcoming book of poetry, Her Addiction, An Empty Place at the Table. The poems contained within it provide an unflinchingly honest look at addiction, the impact it has on families, and the endless orbit between fear, despair, and hope that parents find themselves in when their child struggles with chaotic drug and alcohol use.
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Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

Badass is back!!! Check out our season preview for info on all the cool, smart people we are featuring this season. Our season 2 line-up includes a world renown neuroscientist, poets and writers who will move you to tears, scholars who will teach you about the badassery of black and brown women throughout history, medical professionals who were in the trenches at the height of the pandemic, and so much more! The really fun part is that I get to break it all down with my bestie, Clare Wildhack-Nolan, an equity educator, mom, and all around great human. I am so excited about season 2. It is intensely amazing!!!


Badass: Tales of Resilience

Badass is the brain child of Marabai Rose, a licensed clinical social worker, and therapist. Marabai realized just how reassuring it was to see that her trauma clients, who had survived awful things, had an incredible capacity for healing. Marabai wanted to share with the world how difficult experiences transform us, and the strength we discover when we are forced to endure them. Marabai could never have pulled this off with out the audio engineering skills of Kevin Evans. In Spring of 2022 these two became team Badass. We hope you like the first season. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe.

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